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Why and How to use Sunscreen

Did you know that 80% of skin ageing is caused by the sun?  and Have you ever asked yourself how do I prevent skin ageing?

I bet you have gone to so many salons, beauty therapists, beauty advisors and even dermatologists for advice on the subject. And I can guarantee all of them has advised you to use all these fancy named creams and serums and told you to have this or that treatment to prevent your skin from looking like a soaked-up prune.

I am one of those experts you most likely would go for advice on this highly talked subject – Skin Ageing. But I’ll tell you something different, which you would probably have heard before, but might just need a bit of reminding about.  Because it’s so obvious we tend to forget or sometimes think it’s just another product on the market that all these professionals are trying to sell to us.

I am going to remind you about the best anti-ageing product out there, that won’t just keep you looking younger, but will also save your life. One that you must use in every kind of weather, come rain come shine….Sun Screen!

Irreparable Damage by UV Rays

The UVR ultraviolet Rays are the most dangerous ones we can’t even see. It’s a shame because a lot of people don’t believe something exists till they actually see it. But it does exist and it damages our skin and messes up with our skin’s DNA. The damage is irreparable, increases with each exposure and can result in death. Scary right. I thought so too. I’m not going to start telling you all about these horrible UVA’s and UVBs that you must protect yourself from. Instead, I’ll explain what you need to look out for in your daily SPF cream and how to apply it.

So, once you are ready to go and buy one, you’ll know what you need to look for. There’s way too many now on the shop shelves, that even I have a hard time choosing.

You must make sure you buy sunscreens that have SPF +30 (the bigger number the better) gives more protection, but regardless of the instruction, you still have to reapply cream every two hours even if it says SPF 100 😊

If you ever had any facial treatments in the salon, and I mean any more advanced facial where a machine was used, you should remember that most likely your therapist has mentioned that after this treatment, you must wear SPF, since your skin has no natural protection after, let’s say microdermabrasion, and we always recommend no lower than SPF 30.  It’s very important to make sure you get the one that has UVA protection too and the one that has at least 4*. This is to make sure your skin is really protected from the rays that penetrate the deeper epidermis that causes permanent damage and premature ageing.

Before you go out, you have to apply SPF cream for at least 20 min before going outdoors.  Then it has to be reapplied every two hours, more often if you are at the beach and swimming. You must make sure you apply the sunscreen not just on the face as you do with make-up, but you apply it on all your body parts that will not be covered with clothing. That includes the tip of your ears too. Many people forget this part.  And it doesn’t matter that it’s winter outside and that it’s cloudy. Remember there are things in life that we can’t see but they are there😉

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