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Have you met our expert threaders? A threading experience you will never forget.

What is threading?

Threading has recently become a very trendy and efficient way to shape your eyebrows and remove unwanted hair, here in the West. However, the art of threading originates from the Asian countries, where it has existed for generations, and truly is an art form with far and few western therapists able to perfect this technique.

The technique either by the hand method or the mouth/neck method requires a thin cotton thread which when doubled, is manoeuvred across the face by spinning the thread to trap the hair inside it and thereby pulling the hair out by its follicle. The precision is incredible and the end result for eyebrows is a defined and sharp shape which sometimes can be hard to achieve using wax.

Is it painful?

Threading can be painful as a few hairs or a row of hairs are removed at one time unlike tweezing. However, the level of pain is all relative, as some people feel pain more than others. Pain can also be felt more if you are tired, stressed or on your period. You may also experience that your eyes tear up a bit. However, most people do feel that threading is slightly more painful than waxing.

Will I be given a consultation?

Your therapist will ask you which shape you prefer as well as advise you what she thinks may be the most appropriate shape for you as well as ask you if you wish to have your brow hairs trimmed to control unruly hairs.

Can I wear makeup before and after my treatment?

We recommend that you don’t wear too much makeup or mascara before your treatment, as your eyes may tear up and thereby smudge your mascara.

After your treatment, your therapist will soothe the treated area with a cooling moisturiser to reduce the redness and a tinted BB cream which also contain an SPF. We recommend to not put any makeup on the treated area for at least 24hrs as makeup or concealer can block your pores and lead to spots.

How red will I be after a treatment?

You will experience some redness which will last about an hour after the treatment depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

What will the end result look like?

You can be pretty sure that your brows have never looked this good before! Your therapist may fill out your brows with a brow pencil if you like, so you can really see the amazing transformation.

How often should I have my brows done?

We recommend having your brows done every 4 weeks. Should you wish to pluck, leave at least a week after your last plucking before you book your next appointment with us. Its always good to have a few hairs visible, so your therapist has something to work with.

Price List

Treatment Therapist Senior Therapist
Lip £n/a £12
Treatment Therapist Senior Therapist
Chin £n/a £12
Treatment Therapist Senior Therapist
Eyebrow n/a £16
Treatment Therapist Senior Therapist
Sideburns £n/a £11
Treatment Therapist Senior Therapist
Full Face £n/a £45

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