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Relax and unwind while we ease away your aches and pains. Ahhh….

At Pure Synergie, we believe having a massage once a month should be a necessity rather than a luxury. In our everyday lives, it is easy to forget how stressed our bodies and minds can become. It is imperative to have time to completely switch off and find your inner self and to get help repairing tired muscles and joints.

Many of us have sedentary jobs in front of computers, sitting on bad chairs and too high/low tables. This affects your posture, your back and neck, leading to headaches and strains. Massages will help to alleviate this, helping to regain your physical and mental health, helping with tennis elbows caused by overusing computers and migraines from look at the screen for too long.

Massages also help if you exercise a lot, helping to stretch and relax your muscles, thus helping to optimize your gym or running sessions.

So whether you prefer a deep strong massage or a relaxing aromatherapy massage, we can help find the right solution for you. All massages are customised to your specific needs and believe us when we say, ‘You deserve it.’

Ultimate Muscle Massage (Deep Tissue)

With our deep tissue massage, we massage the muscles as deeply as possible, without damaging muscles and surrounding tissue. We use specific oils with warming black Pepper, stimulating Rosemary, muscle relaxing Sage and soothing Lavender which are specifically formulated for deep tissue massages.

Treatment Beauty Therapist Senior Therapist Beauty Director
Ultimate Muscle Massage 60 mins £60 / 30 mins £35 60 mins £65 /30 mins  £40 60 mins £80 /30 mins  £55

Renewed Energy Massage (Swedish Massage)

This renewed Energy massage with an uplifting blend of Bergamot, Eucalyptus and Thyme, will help stimulate the body into action, soothe tired muscles and recharge your mind.

This Swedish massage is slightly lighter than our deep tissue massage.

Treatment Beauty Therapist Senior Therapist Beauty Director
Renewed Energy Massage 60 mins £60 / 30 mins £35 60 mins £65 / 30 mins £40 60 mins £80 / 30 mins £55

Complete Tranquility Massage

Sometimes we all just need a moment away from it all. This aromatherapy massage uses a blend of essential oils which will help the body relax and rejuvenate.

This popular aromatherapy massage is useful when you want to take time out for yourself or when you are under pressure at work or in your personal life.

Treatment Beauty Therapist Senior Therapist Beauty Director
Complete Tranquility Massage 60 mins £55 / 30 mins £30 60 mins £60 / 30 mins £35 60 mins £75 / 30 mins £50

Hot Stone Massage

Having a hot stone massage is like floating on a cloud. It is relaxing, sumptuous and pure heaven. A Hot stone massage helps to relax, alleviate aches and pains using hot lava stones and can be customised in-depth, according to each individual.

If you have never tried a hot stone massage before, we really recommend you to.

Treatment Therapist Senior Therapist
Hot Stone Massage 70 mins £70 70 mins £75

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