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Colonics & Detox Programmes

Sometimes you just need a kick start.

Our ethos at Pure Synergie has always been a holistic one. A healthy inner self, creates a happy and glowing outer self. We are strong advocates of Colonics and detoxes to kick start a healthier long lasting clean living, rather than fad diets which give short term results.

All our health specialists look the part and are either vegetarians or vegans and believe in creating an understanding of what happens to the food you eat and how it affects your metabolism, mood, skin and overall well being. We practise what we preach.

Nutritional Advice

We also offer Nutritional Advise with our in-house nutritional guru Claire Hargreaves who provides client-specific dietary, supplement & lifestyle analysis and advice, as well as practical support to help you reach an ideal nutritional balance.

We have tailor made juice and soup detoxes, mixing in our healthy treatments like our Colonic Hydrotherapy or Manual Lymphatic massages, to make detoxing and getting on the right healthy track, a lot easier and more convenient for you.

We are members of Rictat Colonic Association.

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Colonics & Detox Programmes available at Pure Synergie