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Laser Hair Removal

NEW: Introducing The Incredible E-Light Hair Removal machine(SHR)


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Super laser hair removal, works differently to IPL hair removal by slowly heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents re-growth. This is done while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue. Short pulses at a high repetition rate are then delivered deep into the dermis, resulting in high average power and therapeutically effective heat build-up, with virtually no pain as it has a built in cooling system.

Compared to regular laser hair removal systems which fire about two to four high-powered beams into each hair follicle, the Super Hair Removal system fires minimum ten to twenty beams onto each hair follicle during each of the treatments. It is like firing a machine-gun as opposed to using a shotgun. The Super Hair Removal system has been FDA certified for hair removal.

Super hair removal effectively targets the deep rooted hair follicles and permanently damages them unlike shaving, waxing, or hair removal creams which only remove the hair shaft. But the best part of it all is that its a very comfortable procedure. It is not painful. It is a that can be used on the most sensitive body parts like Brazilian or Bikini.

Comparing SHR, IPL and Laser hair removal?

IPL uses a whole band of unfocused lights which when they hit the skin, with a lot of useless energy, causing excessive heat damage and lots of pain. Laser hair removal is painful as it uses a strong focused beam of energy passing through the skin while trying to reach the hair follicles.

Super Hair Removal™ uses low energy levels, therefore it is painless as compared to IPL hair removal or Laser Hair Removal. Because of the low energy, it also severely reduces the chance of burns, even for asian skins. Super Hair Removal™ has a built-in cooler on its probe that cools the skin surface, preventing superficial burns and the sensation of pain. The patient will only feel a mild warmth on the skin, unlike IPL or Laser hair removal, which does not have the in-built cooler.

Typically, 10-20% of treated hairs will drop off 2 weeks after the first session. The recommended treatment course is 6 sessions, once every month. 95% of treated hairs will be removed if the 6-session treatment course is followed.

All our Super laser hair removal™ treatments starts with a full consultation and a patch test. During this consultation we will assess whether this treatment is suitable for you as well as determine a personal prescribed treatment plan which will give you the best results.

All our therapists are fully qualified Laser hair removal specialists and are licensed to treat clients using advanced IPL and Laser hair removal equipment.

Super Hair Removal™ is a great lunch time treatment as it is super quick and effective

A consultation and patch test must be had .


As laser hair removal works with the different stages of hair growth, it is important to target the hair when it is in its anagen phase or the growing phase.

When the hair is in this phase during a laser treatment, the hair bulb is permanently killed, rather than just weakened. Therefore it is important to make sure you have a treatment on a regular interval of every 4-7 weeks, area dependant.

Most people will need between 8-10 treatments to see a maximum result, although this can vary from area to area, and person to person. Results can be seen after the first treatment.

Although pain is relative to all people, depending on pain threshold, hair type and thickness, the SHR E-Light laser hair removal, is mostly a comfortable feeling, no more painful than your standard waxing experience. The laser machine uses a cool freeze technology that helps to cool down the area being treated and make it as painless as possible.

The laser pulses are very quick, which enables the treatment of a half leg to last for no more than 20min.

The SHR E-Light laser hair removal machine can be used to treat anyone, male or female, who wants to get rid of unwanted hair.

We recommend anyone with a skin tone up to level 4, and dark hair. Typically an individual with dark thick hairs will get a better result than an individual with blonde or grey hairs, which usually do not respond well to laser. During your consultation, your therapist will assess your eligibility and results via a health questionnaire. A personalised treatment protocol will also be made.

Laser cannot be performed during pregnancy

Laser Hair Removal Price Update 2021

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Terms and Conditions apply

Price List

Area Single Treatment Pre pay 6+ (30% OFF) Pre pay 10+ (40%OFF)
Female Brazilian & Underarms £120 £84 £72
Female ½ Leg, Brazilian & Underarms £200 £140 £120
Female Full Legs, Brazilian & Underarms £230 £161 £138
Female Full Arms, Brazilian & Underarms £215 £150.50 £129
Area Single Treatment Pre pay 6+ (30% OFF) Pre pay 10+ (40%OFF)
Lip / Ears / Chin / Cheeks / Sideburns £40 £28 £24
Lip + Chin £50 £35 £30
Half Face £60 £42 £36
Full Face £90 £63 £54
Neck ( front or back ) £40 £28 £24
Face + Neck £120 £84 £72
Area Single Treatment Pre pay 6+ (30% OFF) Pre pay 10+ (40%OFF)
Underarms £45 £31.50 £27
½ Arms £55 £38.5 £33
Full Arms £85 £59.50 £81.60
½ Back £65 £45.5 £39
Full Back £100 £70 £60
Abdomen £55 £38.5 £33
Shoulders £45 £31.50 £27
Back + Shoulders £120 £84 £72
Navel /Areola £25 £17.5 £15
Bikini £55 £38.50 £33
G-String £65 £45.50 £39
Brazilian £95 £66.50 £57
Hollywood £98 £68.60 £58.80
Buttocks £55 £38.50 £33
½ Legs £89 £62.80 £53.40
Full Legs £140 £98 £84
Feet & Toes £20 £14 £12
Area Single Treatment Pre pay 6+ (30% OFF) Pre pay 10+ (40%OFF)
Underarms £45 £31.50 £27
½ Arms £65 £45.5 £39
Full Arms £95 £66.50 £57
Navel / Areola £25 £17.50 £15
½ Back £75 £52.5 £45
Full Back £110 £77 £66
Shoulders £65 £45.50 £39
Back + Shoulders £130 £91 £78
Chest £65 £45.50 £39
Abdomen £65 £45.50 £39
Chest & Abdomen £120 £84 £72
Full Legs £150 £105 £90
Bikini £55 £38.50 £33
Buttocks £65 £45.50 £39
Feet & Toes £25 £17.50 £15
Brazilian / Hollywood £130 £91 £78
G-String £90 £63 £54

1 year Brazilian wax Approx £470

(Forever Waxing!)

1 year Brazilian laser hair removal Approx £570 for 10 treatments

(No more Waxing EVER!)

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  • All prices shown are per singular treatment.
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