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On Saturday, December 19th, London was once again put into tier 4, which meant we once again had to close down our beloved salon. We missed such an important week in our business calendar, as we were unable to treat half of our clients who had booked for services before Christmas and New Year. It was a huge financial blow to us and hundreds of small independent businesses across the country, as we were unable to make up for the lost November and missed the 2 busiest weeks of the entire year due to the government’s decision. UNFORTUNATELY, this time around, the government has not offered much financial support to businesses affected by the closure, and we are all starting to really sense the stark reality of what this could mean to us all in the long run.

Pure Synergie is a small family run business with 15 staff members. I set this business up 10 years ago, with £5000 in my hand, which had been saved from working several jobs, 7 days a week, over an 18 month period. It all started with a rented beauty treatment room in Bannantynes Gym in Russell Square, which then grew to two rooms, then three rooms. I hired my first staff member 6 months after opening. Opening a beauty business was my dream, and today this business not only supports my own growing family, but also the incredible team I have working with me. The thought that someone that I don’t even know, who apparently works for the greater good of the nation, can so easily take that away, is heartbreaking and unjust.

And this is not just my story…this is the story of thousands of small business owners across the country, who have already or will most likely have to close down their dream, and their future income. According to research, up to 30% off all hair and beauty salons, could be forced to close permanently in the new year!.. It’s insane and gut-wrenching.

So the team and I have come up with a little plan to help us stay alive for the next couple of months..hopefully…and obviously with a little incentive to you, for supporting us.

Buy one of our gift vouchers for a loved one or spoil yourself with a £100 voucher and we will throw in an additional £25 to show our love. That’s equivalent to a 25% saving on your next hair or beauty treatment with us. Vouchers can be used for the rest of 2021.

Help us to stay around for you when you need us the most.

Thank you for your support and stay sane.


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To make a booking, call Pure Synergie on 020 8858 9119, email us at

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