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Dermaquest Resurfacers and Peels

Bring your facials to the next level with serious results.

If you are looking to give your skin a serious boost, starting on a course of resurfacers and peels, is the right way to go.

Using the Dermaquest range of cosmecutical products, we will be able to tackle deeper issues like sun damage, deep wrinkles and scarring which normal facials are unable to properly treat. We start this intensive journey with you, by having a thorough and deep look at your skin, speaking to you about your expectations, and what we feel we are able to achieve.

Before you start, it is important that all boxes are ticked, not only to manage your expectations, but also to make sure that your skin is properly prepped so that the treatments will work to the max without causing further damage.


Resurfacers and Advanced peels *please be aware all resurfacers and peels require a full consultation and prepping period prior to treatment.

30 mins (redeemable against any future booking) £20

Dermaquest Resurfacers

Primary Pumkin

Ideal for Acne skin, large and open pores. Helps with pigmentation and scaring.


Good for pigmentation and hydration.

Lactic Acid

Ideal for Sensitive and rosacea skin.

Price List

Treatment Therapist Senior Therapist
Primary Pumkin £45 £50
Mangobrite £45 £50
Lactic Acid £45 £50

Dermaquest Peels

C-Infusion Peel

This antioxidant power house peel brightens, hydrates and revitalises resistant skin as it removes layers of sluggish skin cells.

Hibiscus Flower Mandelic Peel

This invigorating treatment lifts, tightens and renews skin, resulting in a radiant complexion with a natural glow.

Modified Jessner Peel

A peel that tackles stubborn, reoccurring and life-controlling acne, reduces the inflammation of cystic acne, killing the P acne bacteria and clearing out pores to enable your skin to breathe.

Skinbrite Peel

This treatment has been designed to repair and protect sun damaged skin thanks to the use of 4 cleverly combined acids. They work to reduce damaged skin cells by increasing cell turnover and creating a brighter, more even skin tone.

TCA Weekend Peel

This treatment peels back the years to reveal revitalised, youthful skin, great for acne scaring and pigmentation concerns. The results are dramatically tighter, firmer and younger looking skin. If treatment takes place on a Wednesday, your skin will peel on Friday, Saturday and a little on Sunday, making your skin look younger and healthier by Monday.

If you want anti-ageing impressive results – this one is for you!

Price List

Treatment Therapist Senior Therapist
C-Infusion Peel £68 £73
Hibiscus Flower Mandelic Peel £68 £73
Modified Jessner Peel £94 £99
Skinbrite Peel £94 £99
TCA Weekend Peel £105 £110

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