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Pure Synergie in Covent Garden

At Pure Synergie in Covent Garden, we like to focus on all things beauty, specifically our quick lunchtime treatments.
Here we excel in mastering the art of precision work:

Where are we in Covent Garden?

Nearest Tube Line: Charing Cross and Covent Garden ( 5 min walk )
Nearest Bus Line: 3,6,9,11,12,13,15,23,24,29,53,87,88,91,139,159,176,453

We are located:

  • 4 doors down from the Savoy Hotel
  • 5 min walk from Covent Garden Piazza
  • Next to Itsu
  • Inside Hebe Hair salon

Opening Times

Opening hours

Mon/Tues/Fri 10am till 7pm

Wed/Thurs  10am till 8pm

Sat – 10am till 5pm

Tel: 0207 836 7248

Neals yard in covent garden

Contact us today

We are here to assist you in whatever you require. Contact us today at: Pure Synergie @ Strand, 0207 836 7248 or Pure Synergie @ Greenwich, 0207 998 5731 to find out more or make a booking. Or email us here

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